Four-Color FAE

Planning a Campaign

Here are some questions to ask when planning your new superheroic campaign:

  • What style of game am I aiming for? Do I have a specific comic, or publisher of comics, that fits the style I want?
  • What sorts of characters am I interested in having? Are there any sorts of characters I would prefer not to have?
  • What optional rules do I want to introduce? Are there any rules that I don't intend to include?

It can be helpful to establish the tone of your game by creating one or two campaign aspects, such as Mutant hysteria or Who watches the watchmen?. You can also use some optional rules, like Genre Stunts, to encourage a style of play. Some games will feature knock-down, drag-out fights through downtown, while others are about supers being hunted by the government or alien invaders, and you can use aspects and stunts to get your group in the right mindset.

You can use campaign planning aids, like A Spark in Fate Core, to help make group decisions about the feel of your campaign.