Four-Color FAE

Immunities and Invulnerability

Some power facts will grant implied or implicit immunity to certain types of attacks and/or environmental conditions.

For example, the aquatic adventurer archaeologist Pelagos has the power fact 'underwater adaptation'. He is assumed to be immune to drowning, can ignore the cold and pressure of the deep ocean, and ignores things like the bends. Likewise, the robotic character Pneuma shouldn’t need to eat or breathe, and thus would be immune to starvation, thirst, suffocation and poison/knockout gas attacks, all thanks to her 'robotic physiology' power fact.

In play, characters with these power facts can ignore hazards that might pose a serious risk to another character.

Say that Pelagos and his ally, the gadgeteer patriot Anthem, are forced to escape a torpedoed submarine at 300 fathoms beneath the sea. Although Pelagos is able to swim away without any trouble at all, this situation could prove dire for Anthem. The GM might call for a Create Advantage to discover some scuba gear, or to quickly cobble together a gadget that lets him survive the swim to the surface.