Four-Color FAE


There are no specific approaches or stunts that are required to have or use powers. In FAE, you will use all your regular approaches to activate your powers.

Why Approaches?

Superheroes occupy a comic-book reality. Its heroes - and villains - are skilled enough to at least attempt any mundane challenge. It is their courage and motives that are tested, not their specific skills.

In FAE, character skills are described by their aspects, while a character's personal style is described by approaches. Style is an essential element of the four-color universe. An amazing super-scientist is amazing not because of his high Lore, but because he has the aspect Super-scientist from the 27th Century. A scheming crime lord gets by not with a high Deceive skill, but with the aspect Boss of New York's Underworld. Both characters might have Clever as their peak approach, but they use it for different things and in different ways.