Four-Color FAE

Using Powers

Powers don't change your choice of actions, approaches, or rolls. Instead, they give you permission to make rolls in new situations. For example, a heroic adventurer archaeologist in a pulp campaign doesn't get an Overcome roll to Forcefully lift a 10-ton rock from his path - he doesn't have narrative permission to even try. But the superhero Mack Atlas does, because he has a power fact saying that he has super-strength.

Characters with offensive powers, such as blasts of fire, can roll Attack at range. Characters with force fields or armor can roll Defend against bullets or beams. Wizards can use Create Advantage to conjure walls of ice or stone, which flying bricks can Overcome using their great strength. None of these action types are new - they're simply new applications of Fate Accelerated's traditional actions and approaches.

Power facts, themselves, are not aspects. They cannot be compelled or invoked. Instead, use the aspect which provided the power fact for invocation, compels, and so on.