Four-Color FAE

Alternate Phase Trio Rules

Super-teams are made up of characters that coordinate well together. They have distinct roles, rather than clear relations with other specific characters. Origin stories hang heavily over even the strongest hero, from the masked vigilante mourning his lost family to the sole survivor of an alien planet. To represent these lasting influences, the player can choose aspects which fill each of these slots:

  • Position. This is the character's role on the team - leader, spy, enforcer, and so on. If the character's powers changed, they would likely continue in this role in some other way.
  • Past. The character's origin story, where they came from, and how that has affected their heroic career.
  • Personality. The character's nature, habits, mannerisms, or persona. Who they are as a person and how they appear to others.
  • Powers. A description of the character's power origin or super-powers.
  • Problems. The trouble the character faces, recurring enemies, major weaknesses, and so on.

Not all games will have all of these slots. For example, Mack Atlas is in a campaign where all supers have a common power origin. He might skip the "Past" aspect slot, and write a generic aspect in its place.

If you are translating an existing character into this model of aspect choice, you can treat "Position" or "Personality" as the character's High Concept, and "Problems" as the character's Trouble.