Four-Color FAE

Collateral Consequences and Extreme Effort

The following is a variant of the "Extreme Effort" rules from the Fate System Toolkit, which can be found online at

Players can use collateral consequences for extra effort: by voluntarily causing large amounts of collateral damage or destruction (and taking a collateral consequence), they get a bonus on a roll equal to the consequence's value. Mild grants +2, Moderate +4, Severe +6.

Not every use of this rule involves throwing someone through buildings. Heroes can take actions that endanger their public image in the name of the greater good. Mutants can reveal their full power, causing hysteria but allowing them to defeat the bad guy.

This rule is intended for PCs who are fighting some highly challenging foe, rather than boosting Attack rolls against casual opponents. GMs who feel that this rule is being abused should start having villains offer Compels to the PCs based on the inflicted consequence. For example: "Because you rammed the Manhattan Monster through that office building, several civilians are put at risk. In your attempts to rescue them and keep the building from collapses, the Monster gets away and you get some negative press on the 6 o'clock news. Damn your luck."