Four-Color FAE

Alternate Invulnerability Rules

For groups that want to permit invulnerable characters (particularly villains) and aren't satisfied with the rules about using narrative permission, here are some alternative approaches:

  • Treat invulnerability as an opportunity for concession and compels. For example, an invulnerable villain might offer the PCs a compel on his power-granting aspect. "Because your attacks do nothing against the armored might of Doomsayer, he gets away with his ill-gotten loot, leaving you to ponder your next move. Damn your luck." This is a good way to build up Fate points for a later encounter.
  • Treat the character's own consequence slots as "collateral damage", as outlined by Ryan M. Danks here:
  • Use the Collateral Consequences rules for invulnerable characters. You can require that a stunt be spent to invoke this rule specifically for those characters.