Four-Color FAE

Alternate Initiative Rules

Fluid cinematic combat is sometimes hard to stage when you are rolling for initiative, or even using each character's Quick approach. Because Fate encourages a style of play where several characters build up advantages for each other, or play off of each other's actions, your group might prefer that the players determine the order in which these things happen. These rules are based on the initiative rules described by Ryan M. Danks here:

When a conflict begins, initiative is held by the PC or NPC that initiated it. The player (or GM) of the character who acted then chooses who goes next, then that person chooses, and so forth, until every PC and NPC has taken one action. The last character who acted in the exchange gets to pick who acts first in the next exchange. A character cannot go twice in a row, and each character can act at most once per exchange.

Characters with power facts like "super-speed" do not get to act earlier, or to interrupt other characters' actions, without a stunt.

If you want a way to signal who has or hasn't acted at the table, Randy Oest has a PDF of cards reading "Ready For Action!" and "Done". You can get the PDF here:

Alternate text for such cards can be found here: